Why you?

You are straightforward

No fuss and no muss. You mean what you say and you do what you say.

You are curious

You will work in intellectually stimulating environments, and curiosity is a must.

You are a passionate person

It pushes you to go further and further. So much the better, because nothing great has ever been accomplished without passion.

You are creative

The strength of the proposal brings a real "added value". We are counting on you to contribute!

We promote team cohesion

Young and dynamic, we work in a positive work environment and we wish that each one can bloom in his work.

We encourage the initiative

We encourage personal initiative and help develop the communication, managerial and entrepreneurial skills of our employees.

We are fun

Passionate about our job, we also know how to relax: laughing at jokes about computer scientists and getting together to celebrate our successes.

We reward top talent

Talent is priceless and we know it. Don't forget that Instagram (bought in 2012 for $1 billion) was developed by 13 computer science enthusiasts.

Our projects are at the top

We position ourselves on top-of-the-line projects that offer excellent career opportunities, because our priority is the professional development of our employees.

We boost your career

Talent is a diamond in the rough that needs to be worked. We'll push you beyond your limits to get better and better.

Pourquoi nous?

No need to convince you anymore?