Our culture

Our people greatest asset

Our commitment to doing what we love, and doing it well. Basically we just work hard and deliver excellent results.

Startup friendly

Your startup is our startup. That's our approach. Practice has taught us where to cut corners to get things done.

Entrepreneurial approach

We don't only write code, we solve problems. We bring your ideas to reality and help you validate them.

Partners, not clients

We build a long term relationship by leveraging our technical skills and transparent communication.


we believe that different cultural and life perception can complete and strengthen one another


our relationships with our colleagues and our partners are based on trust and reciprocal sense of duty

Continuous learning

our mentality is continuously forming by learning something new every day, we don’t see problems, but challenges

Positive thinking

good mood and positive attitude always lead to efficient problem solving


our life philosophy reflects that giving to and taking from others should be all the time in balance

Agile & Result oriented

we manage our professional work based on Agile principles

Our values